damn !

no one knows bout my feeling . hell yeah ! im just like a tissue , keep when u needed . and throw it when u didnt need it anymore . do you know bout my feeling hah ?
yeah im sounds like jealous maybe . but do you know that jealous is mean by love .
yeah im fvcking love you . but you never know how big my love to youu .. and only god knew it.

my mood now is really DOWN , hmm
what should i do ? please someone , tell me .
i already knew it , for you sista : I HATE YOU OKAY ! gggrrr

sounds silly rite ? do i care ? selalu carik salah org , wth yaa !
and now , someone that i love treat me like this . im so down and down .
if you read that also you wil become angry rite ? err myb not .
for what rite ? doesnt mix sense .

and tadi dgn rase down nye syeera sent somthing dkt kami blogger utara group .

mmg best lah , dorg sporting , and yg pling penting , syeera dapat ckp utara kat situ ;)
first syeera tegor is mcm ney ^^

haha , mg giler-2 lah . tacing pun tak jd nk tacing .
thanks yah u olss . act ad lg tau . tp tanak btau ! haha . wekk .

okay lah , saked prut la plak . malas dh nk tulis entry pnjang-2 , kbaii <3

thanks reading , LIKE lah sekaly ^___^

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fRaMe+LenSeS said...

oihhhh tamo tacing2.. sat kami pn tacing.. ahahahah. :D

GaDiS KaMpUnG sEpArA BaNdAr said...


nurulsyaheera :) said...

@fRaMe+LenSeS :
haha , ala biaq kami dh la :P

nurulsyaheera :) said...

@GaDiS KaMpUnG sEpArA BaNdAr :

i know . thanks KBU ;D